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Finished Eloquent JS roughly in time of a month and it's time to make an another announcement in these dense learning goals. Abhi bhi Delhi dur hai?

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Just a quick post update on what I'm up with:

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This is multi-threaded so make sure to visit the link to know more...

Also reported a bug in codebase of keybase client on github



😫 🤕 Went on an extreme distro-hopping session since the last day and came back to pop os, the same place where I started off. I tried manajro i3, manjaro kde, solus mate, elementary os, kde neon and ubuntu mate. The only ones that worked out of the box were manjaro builds. But KDE made me sick with the over-bloat and a sheer number of buttons to customize things. I ain't a theming kid anymore. I like things just working out of the box and this is one of the reasons I want to get hands dirty with a MacBook. i3 wm was pain in ___ as well, you know good things require patience which I clearly didn't had with those failed installs.

Turns out the problem was with setting up propitiatory drivers for Nvidia GTX GPU on my system. Manjaro had an option of switching on non-free drivers pre-installation and pop os comes with drivers pre-built in the iso itself.

I asked one of my friend Raman Sarda who's involved in lubuntu community and he came up with the fix and brought me up to the issue. I used to identify myself distro hopper back then but the fatigue I experienced during multiple installs this time suggest otherwise.


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Last month I finished the first part of the eloquent JS book in which this thing that I call ScratchPad came to immense help. These are the code snippets that I print and share with my pair programmer nicked @xatishayx. We started learning JS with the same resources last month and plan ahead to do so in future. Spleetly hybrid web app is also in works on our bucket list.

The four scratchpads that have made to print are uploaded here on my keybase public folder:

I will upload the annotated version of the scratchpads' soon enough as part of a new vision I'm thinking on going with these things ahead. Like say as in its motives (maybe, like making some form of tutorial series or sth with it) and publish code snippets with annotations on some platform as a means to help others and share new tricks as I go along the same journey as many are when learning web tech and js in general. Let's see where this ScratchPad series initiative go. I might change the name as it doesn't go well with the similarly named ScratchPad web console that comes built-in Firefox browser.


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PyData an event that is printing the zen of python one line every year.

ML, Data, ML, Data & more ML topped with more doses of Maths for two days straight and awesome people obsessed with them, that's what it all was about. It was like my very first experience to attend any meetup/conf and despite my disinterest of the subject I acquired certain insights and realized a thing or two which I can be interested in learning in near future.

For my part attending a data conference being an aspiring web developer ended up as me not attending all, it's part fully. Although I respect and admire the work that's going in Python and data field but let's just go with the fact that I seem to gravitate more on things that are related to web and all the other stuff that revolve less around serious mathematics, given my aversion to it. All the views written here are by all means personal and should not be taken as more than a grain of salt. It was an accidental coincidence of me attending the PyData 19, reason being a strong recommendation from one of my senior @sidntrivedi012 from OSDC (Open Source Developers Group) community here in my university and rightfully so. 🤕


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  • Doing research on the selection of GSoC Organizations and finalizing the picks to get started with the required skills. S
    • Jul 6 Posted a blog here of the outcomes.
  • Learning JS concepts from Eloquent JS withMDN and as reference.. S
    • Jul 31 Finished Eloquent Javascript's 12 chapter-length language part. 🥁

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Here is a code excerpt from Eloquent JS by Marijn Haverbeke.

try {
  setTimeout(() => {
    throw new Error("Woosh");
  }, 20);
} catch (_) {
  // This will not run

This wormhole is created in time and space in the runtime environment by a phenomenon called The Event Loop. Here is how it is explained in the text by the author Marjin.



Javascript's prototype-based inheritance thing feels something like the colourful LGBT community to me when compared to C++/Java's class-based approach. 🤷‍♂️


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